Hair and Scalp Treatment-Miracle Fruit Seed Oil 1.7 fl.oz. / 50ml
Hair and Scalp Treatment-Miracle Fruit Seed Oil 1.7 fl.oz. / 50ml
Hair and Scalp Treatment-Miracle Fruit Seed Oil 1.7 fl.oz. / 50ml
Hair and Scalp Treatment-Miracle Fruit Seed Oil 1.7 fl.oz. / 50ml
Hair and Scalp Treatment-Miracle Fruit Seed Oil 1.7 fl.oz. / 50ml
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Hair and Scalp Treatment-Miracle Fruit Seed Oil 1.7 fl.oz. / 50ml

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Brand Miracle Fruit Oil
Item Weight 1.7 Ounces
Material Type Free paraben Free,sulfate free,alcohol free
Age Range (Description) Adult
Hair Type all hair types

About this item

  • Organic -THE MOST INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE Natural Ingredient EVER, containing the amazing and unique Miracle Fruit seed oil – so incredibly effective that it’s the only oil in the world to have ever been patented.
  • Scientifically proven to increase the health hair index 200%, reverse hair & scalp damage, and strengthen the entire hair keratin protein strand (not only individual bonds). 5x more effective than other oils & bond-builders, including the leading argan oil hair brand as per Medically-Published Peer Reviewed Clinical Randomized Controlled Study.
  • Soothes the scalp, effective psoriasis scalp treatment. relieves redness, dandruff, and itchy scalp as well as scaling, by regenerating healthy hair and maintaining a healthy scalp. Clinically tested to achieve greater activation of scalp stem cells than other products, improving biome wellness.
  • Stimulates hair growth, significantly prevents and reduces hair breakage and reverses hair damage, improves shine, manageability, softness and texture. Detangles nourishes, strengthens reducing fly-aways and frizz. Professional beauty, doctor, salon and spa industry trusted & recommended for all hair types, including color or Keratin Treated, Permed, Natural and Curly hair.
  • Organic, Ultra-lightweight, fast penetrating, non-greasy, no buildup. -Our patented medical-grade oil is supercritical-extracted, - considered the most advanced method for oil extraction, avoiding all harmful exposures, and preserving all of the biologically active components. Made in the USA, not tested on animals. no dyes, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, or preservatives.
  • This is the last hair and scalp oil treatment you will ever have to try. Stop the trial and error. We are confident of the results and effectiveness of Miracle Fruit Seed Oil. After using Miracle Fruit Seed Oil for four weeks most will see a significant improvement in the health of your scalp and hair.

Product Description



  • THE WORLD'S FIRST AND ONLY PRODUCT containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil, CLINICALLY-PROVEN to prevent and reduce hair breakage significantly, reverse damaged hair, soothes the scalp, minimizing redness, dandruff, scaling and itching. Ultra-lightweight, thermal, and UV protecting formula, conditions, detangles, nourishes, strengthens, and repairs hair while reducing fly-aways and frizz, improving shine, manageability, silkiness, softness, and texture. Heat protectant. Made in the USA, vegan, not tested on animals. NO dyes, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, or preservatives
  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES HAIR LOSS due to breakage and repairs split ends
  • MEDICALLY- PROVEN MOST POWERFUL AT PROTECTING AND REVERSING DAMAGE caused by chemicals, physical agents, heat, and UV rays
  • DOCTOR, SALON and SPA Industry Trusted & Recommended FOR ALL HAIR TYPES


  • 3X Stronger Hair-significantly reduced hair loss due to breakage and repaired split ends
  • 200% Increase in the Healthy Hair Index-Reversed hair from damage even with thinning hair
  • Superior results when compared to a leading argan oil hair brand

Synsepalum dulcificum (Miracle Fruit) seed oil is natural, organic, and clinically-proven to transform hair strands to their healthiest level

Gold-Standard Clinical Study performed by a board-certified medical dermatologist published in scholarly peer-reviewed dermatology journal: Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology

After washing hair, massage a small amount onto the scalp and apply throughout the hair to strengthen from the roots to the tips. Style as usual.

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